When we say total compliance we mean just that. It’s not a catch phrase, it’s a commitment - from our company to yours. Pipeline companies face lots of obstacles putting construction projects together - making the numbers work, acquiring permits, completing design, procuring materials, buying right of way. The final step is to make sure you’ve chosen a contractor who can successfully complete your project. That requires construction expertise that comes only from experience. Associated has earned the respect of this industry by building some of the most difficult pipeline projects in the world. How? By investing in an organization staffed with seasoned professionals, a modern fleet of equipment, employing only operator qualified personnel and mobilizing all of the resources required to get the job done.



Accidents are not the price of production. Leaving safety to chance turns risk into a gamble and we don’t wager with people’s lives or well being.
Associated was one of the first companies to implement a safety incentive program in the pipeline industry. Our safety, as well as our environmental training programs are constantly being updated. By using a combination of training, enforcement, and incentives we’ve built and maintain an excellent safety record.

Training, enforcing, rewarding- put it all together and you end up with crews that plan safety into their work, rig up with the right equipment and refuse to take unsafe shortcuts.