Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc.  was founded in 1946 and was first organized as Associated Contractors and Engineers, Inc. under the laws of the State of Texas. In 1956, it was reorganized as Sharman, Allen, Gay & Taylor, Inc. and operated under that name until the corporate identity was changed to Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. in 1958. In July 1958, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of J. Ray McDermott & Co., Inc. and was sold to Reading & Bates Offshore Drilling Co. on December 1, 1969. The corporate identity was again changed in 1978 to become Reading & Bates Construction Co. In 1986, Reading & Bates Corporation concluded the sale of its pipeline construction company to several key employees. The employees have returned the name of the company to Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. and relocated to Houston, Texas. The staff of Associated has essentially remained the same, with major changes in administrative overheads intended to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The existing field management and supervisory personnel have remained with Associated. The expertise and experience of this organization will offer our clients continuity and dependability as we have in the past.
      In 1989, Associated purchased the assets of Tulsa-Houston, Inc. and retained several of their key field management personnel. The addition of these resources has allowed Associated to continue to grow and diversify to better serve our clients.

      The Associated organization offers the experience of working on major pipelines in over 43 states and 27 countries, having completed over 25,000 miles of pipeline construction. We have successfully completed lines from 4-inch diameter to 48-inch diameter.
      As the Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. organization grew, it became actively involved in all phases of the pipeline construction industry on a worldwide basis. In addition to its many years of experience in building all sizes of pipelines on land and water, it has developed additional capabilities in the fields of hydrostatic testing, rehabilitation work and pipe double joint welding. Our personnel are responsible, experienced individuals who work closely with the client to provide cost effective, high quality construction projects. In addition to the many projects performed in the United States, including Alaska, Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. has been involved in successfully completed projects in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Turkey, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany, Holland, France, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh, Sudan and Great Britain. The majority of these projects were completed under severe climatic conditions working in arctic, desert or mountainous regions of the world.
       Each of our divisions has the expertise to conduct successful operations in almost every geographic area of the world and contributes to Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc.'s reputation as a leader in the pipeline construction industry.
      Associated is prepared to work with the client in obtaining necessary permits and complying with their terms during construction. Cooperation is a key to successfully working with ever changing regulatory agencies and rulings.