Marine Division

When the discovery and production of oil and natural gas moved out to sea, Associated was among the first construction companies to build the pipelines to bring products ashore. Across swamps and marshlands, estuaries and bays, and out to sea in water depths up to 35 feet, Associated has established a leadership role in marine pipeline construction.

Associated's marine division has constructed more than 2,000 miles of pipelines in its long history. These pipelines range in size from 4-inch to 48-inch diameter, and were installed in locations as diverse as the relatively calm coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, to the extreme tidal waters of Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm in Alaska. Whatever the challenge, and marine environment, Associated has a proven record of marine construction achievement.

Pictured at left is an aerial view of Associated's marine division office and warehouse, and its land and marine equipment storage yard, located on the Bayou Bouef near Morgan City, Louisiana.