When you choose Associated, you don't just get a contractor; you get a partner who is committed to your project's success. We don't just put pipe in the ground; we help manage the risks and complexities of pipeline construction. We can help develop realistic budgets and schedules and advise you on constructablity issues and routing selections. We'll assist in preparing site specific crossing plans and calculate workspace requirements. We even help clients acquire hard to get permits for environmentally sensitive projects. Even after construction starts, with our experience we can often identify potential problems before they arise, thereby minimizing or even eliminating unnecessary delays and costs overruns.

This attitude of sharing our strengths that evolved in the field has now been introduced to the boardroom. Known as partnering, this contractual arrangement allows owner and contractor to work together to develop a target price and at project completion both parties share in the difference between the target price and the actual cost. From the beginning our experienced project management team becomes part of your project management team anticipating problems, identifying ways to reduce costs and developing creative solutions together.

To transition from the old ways to the new way of cooperation demands commitment beyond the contractual. What begins on paper must be put into practice in order to succeed. Partnering demands plain spoken, forthright communication between owner and contractor on all levels

" Associated and Williams working together in partnering in 1996. Worked well before. Inspectors & foremen get to know each other not as adversaries. Lines of communicationfaster better job. "

- Chris Thorn
Environmental Compliance & Permitting- Williams


" A particular incident that came up at the beginning of the project. Getting into building some test headers and some of the materials was missed because it was on the environmental drawings. Mett Carroll caught that and brought it to my attention. I brought it to the main office. The issues we caught helped all the spreads. A big plus for having an experienced contractor such as Associated. "

- John Buchanan- Owner Representative
Construction Management

" Northwest Pipeline expansion: SuccessfulUnder budget 3 million and one month ahead of schedule. "

-Rick Weninger
Resource Management -Williams

" We've been fortunate working on partnering programs with some of our clients. Sit down with our clients and look up our bid program, work on estimates together. (edit) We can go out in the field -come back -build an estimate, build a schedule and help them work out some of the problems they don't anticipate. Maybe we can anticipate. Better for them, better for us. It's a win win. "

-Gene Bell - Vice President


" You have to be open and honest to have true partnering situationyou have to do that. You have to communicate. (20:23:25) Once you establish those lines of communication- you'll know how to deal with problems when they arise. I encourage you to share ideas "


- Paul Somerville - CEO