Rehabilitation / Special Services

Associated, through its years of experience in pipeline construction, has developed a strong special services division which can offer qualified personnel and the necessary equipment to perform construction services for (1) the replacement of pipelines; (2) the electronic pigging of pipelines; (3) the hydrostatic testing of pipelines; and (4) the double-jointing of pipe. As the World's network of gas and oil transmission lines becomes older, the need to revalidate these lines, and rehabilitate segments of these lines, becomes increasingly important. Associated's special services division has the capability to inspect, test, and replace when necessary all sizes of pipelines.


Associated has tested over 3,500 miles of in-place pipelines, and replaced approximately 1,000 miles of 10-inch to 36-inch pipelines. Using the most advanced technology, Associated is fully qualified to provide inspection, testing and replacement services which meet the stringent requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of Pipeline Safety.
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Using a fully automatic submerged arc welding process and three to five welding stations, Associated's completely portable, self-supporting double-jointing unit, can double-joint pipe ranging in size from 24-inches to 36-inches in diameter, with wall thicknesses up to one inch. Since 1968, Associated's crews have double-jointed more than 290,000 joints of pipe for a total of over 2,200 miles. Visual and radiographic inspection of each weld is performed to ensure that the weld meets the client's specifications.