Services & Capabilities


This division is experienced in installing pipelines throughout the world, across deserts, mountains, wetlands, farmlands, congested suburban areas and large and small rivers; in soils from rock to gumbo. Associated has the supervisory staff and equipment required to construct little inch and big inch projects, and has to date installed over 12,000 miles of pipelines ranging in size from 4-inch to 48-inch diameter.
This division also has pipeline construction personnel who are available to assist clients with the final routing of proposed pipeline projects. After field reconnaissance of the proposed route, these personnel will make recommendations to improve the constructability of the pipeline, which may include some changes in the route and the methods of construction. When requested by the client, these personnel can prepare construction plans and schedules and construction cost estimates, and can assist in the preparation of environmental assessments.




This division has a solid reputation for performance of shallow water pipeline installations. Associated has been active in marine pipeline construction since the company was founded. Experienced crews and specially designed marine equipment make Associated fully at home on the water.




Early in 1977, our Company was selected from all of the execution contractors on the trans-Alaska project to complete the remaining phases of work on all six sections of the pipe line. Naturally we were very proud to be awarded this contract, and we feel that our selection was based in part upon the high rating given to our Company by the construction managers of the project for our performance on Section Four during 1975 and 1976. Associated's completion contract included the hydrostatic testing of 160 miles of the pipe line, the installation of 40 miles of aboveground insulation, making the final tie-in welds, backfilling the ditch, and restoring and revegetating the right-of-way. We are very proud of the fact that we completed all final phases of the construction on schedule allowing the trans-Alaska pipe line system to become operational on June 20, 1977.





This division is made up of highly experienced personnel who use standard and specialized pipeline equipment to perform pipeline rehabilitation, electronic pigging, hydrostatic testing and double-jointing services. Special expertise is needed in the replacement and retesting (upgrading) of existing pipelines in order to meet the client's critical in-service and out-of-service schedules, and to perform the work in conformance with the construction requirements of the client and the authorized regulatory agencies.





Associated has the experienced personnel and other resources required to perform construction support services that may or may not be pipeline related. These other services include the construction of access roads, airstrips, work camps, drilling locations, etc.