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Associated Pipe Line Contractors is an energy infrastructure contractor serving the oil and gas industry with offerings that include pipeline constructability, pipeline construction, and pipeline integrity. We believe our experience and expertise in the planning and execution of projects differentiates us from our competitors, provides us with a greater advantage in the markets we serve and positions us for early involvement in projects. Our integrity and capabilities provide us the opportunity to participate in the life of a pipeline. Associated Pipe Line Contractors has a longstanding commitment to our partners to find the safest and most effective solutions to difficult project problems maintaining the high-quality workmanship our customers expect.

Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1946 and was first organized as Associated Contractors and Engineers, Inc. under the laws of the State of Texas. In 1956, it was reorganized as Sharman, Allen, Gay and Taylor, Inc. and operated under that name until the corporate identity was changed to Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. in 1958. In July 1958, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of J. Ray McDermott & Co. Inc. and was sold to Reading & Bates Offshore Drilling Co. on December 1, 1969. The corporate rebranded in 1978 to become Reading & Bates Construction Co. In 1986, Reading & Bates Corporation concluded the sale of its pipeline construction company to several key employees. With employee purchase the decision was made to return the name of the company to Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. and relocated to Houston, Texas. The field management and supervisory personnel have remained with Associated. The expertise and experience of this organization offers our client’s continuity and dependability.

In 1989, Associated purchased the assets of Tulsa-Houston, Inc. and retained essential field management personnel. The addition of these resources has allowed Associated to continue to grow and diversify to better serve our clients.

As the Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. organization grew, it became actively involved in all phases of the pipeline construction industry worldwide. In addition to its many years of experience in the building of pipelines on land and water, it has developed the capabilities in the fields of hydrostatic testing, rehabilitation work and pipe double joint welding. Our teams are responsible, experienced individuals who work closely with the client to provide safe, cost effective, and high-quality construction projects. In addition to accomplishments in the United States, Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. has successfully executed projects in 39 countries including, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Turkey, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany, Holland, France, Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh, Sudan and Great Britain. Multiple projects were safely completed under diverse conditions working in arctic, desert or mountainous regions of the world.

Associated has built an excellent reputation in pipeline construction worldwide. Early in its history the company proved itself to be innovative by applying special equipment and new installation techniques to improve pipeline productivity over very difficult terrain. Among our many accomplishments, the organization developed improved techniques for welding, coating and lowering large diameter pipelines in the United States, we were the first to utilize underwater welding technique in Louisiana, along with being the first contractor in the US to use the dual head internal automatic welding equipment and processes. We were also a pioneer in the installation of shallow water pipelines inshore and offshore throughout Texas and Louisiana. The company was instrumental in the early development of directional drilling in the US. Additionally, the company was an active force in international pipeline projects that began developing in the 1950’s. Working jointly with European partners, the company helped build the first large diameter petroleum pipeline to be constructed in Holland and Germany.

Many of Associated’s team members have contributed to successful project execution throughout the world, and continue to be an integral part of the company’s efforts to improve safety and pipeline construction efficiency. Associated today offers pipeline construction capabilities utilizing the most modern, efficient and safest methods available, based on sound knowledge acquired over many years of experience in the field. Associated Pipe Line Contractors Inc. offers the experience of working on major pipelines projects in 43 states including Alaska and 39 countries, having safely completed over 40,000 miles of pipeline construction from 4-inch diameter to 48-inch diameter.

Each division has the expertise to conduct successful operations in almost every geographic area of the world and contributes to Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc.’s integrity and reputation as leaders in the pipeline construction industry.

Associated Pipe Line Contractors is committed to being a good community partner. We support local, regional and national charitable organizations in the communities we live in and serve throughout US with volunteer participation and financial contributions.

From our CEO

“We’ve always been willing to take on the most difficult jobs, and to make sure they are completed safely, under budget and on time,” says chairman and CEO Paul Somerville. Regardless of the challenges, the company’s focus is straightforward: to move energy from where it is to where it needs to be. Since its founding in 1946, Associated has constructed more than 40,000 miles of pipeline overland and 5,000 miles of pipeline through shallow water and marshlands. Associated has been involved in almost every major pipeline in North America including building one fifth of the Trans Alaska pipeline as well as an 800-mile 48-inch diameter line in the Middle East.

For three generations, Associated Pipeline has earned a reputation for integrity, quality and innovation that’s second to none. By setting a standard of excellence for ourselves, we’re helping meet the world’s growing demand for energy. Others may be satisfied with the ordinary; as for us, we never settle for anything less than the best in everything we do. Be it large diameter, or small diameter, mainline or rehab. From mountains to marshland, forest or farmlands, be it around the world, or around the corner whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, whatever you’re needs are Associated Pipe Line Contractors is ready.

There is no better measure of an organization’s capabilities than its past performance.


At Associated Pipe Line Contractors, the safety and health of our team members, contractors, the public and our customers is one of our core values. As a Core Value Safety is never compromised. The commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our people and the public isn’t limited to the work we perform, but also applies to the impact we have on the environment, and community. Creating a safe workplace is more than just the right thing to do as responsible individuals, we have a moral obligation to look out for one another. It is our core value that a high standard of safety performance is a key indicator of organizational excellence, and incorporate them into our daily business processes. Each individual team member who works at Associated is important to the integrity of our operations. Our success with customers, and the overall success of this business, depends upon each individual and his or her personal skills, energies and contributions. We hold ourselves to a Health, Safety and Environmental standard that complies with regulatory and legislated requirements, but also protects the well-being of our employees and others involved in, or potentially affected by our operations. It is our responsibility, and obligation to provide a safe work environment for our team members, and to protect the public and the environment from harm associated with our work. Each team member has the authority to stop work that is unsafe without any repercussion. Our team members are an integral part of and the key to the success of Associated Pipe Line Contractors.

Protecting the Environment

Our environmental commitment is reflected in Associated’s proven record of mitigating environment impacts during construction activities. The company successfully executed projects in the very sensitive tundra areas of Alaska without disturbing the natural habitat of the native wildlife. Associated has safely constructed new pipelines, and rehabilitated existing pipelines, in wetlands and other environmentally sensitive areas throughout the United States. During construction of each of the projects, we maintained a constant awareness of, and dedication to, the protection of the animals, birds, and marine life populating these areas, and to the complete restoration of these areas immediately following pipeline installation.

Associated welcomes the opportunity to work with its clients to meet the growing challenges of protecting the earth’s resources, while providing the public with the energy resources necessary for the sustenance of life.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a core value at Associated Pipe Line Contractors, we believe that quality work reduces cost, improves schedule and in turn satisfies our customers. Our quality program has been developed to define the structure, responsibilities, procedures and resources needed to ensure that we not only meet but also exceed the requirements of our customers and governmental standards. Our program encompasses all phases of work beginning with contract awards, continuing through all project planning, construction and finishing with delivering all projects on time and in adherence with all quality related aspects from our customers. Associated places qualified, competent quality representatives on all of our projects to ensure that our program is properly implemented and followed at all times but more importantly we have developed a culture where all of our employees understand the necessity and personal responsibility of doing the right work the first time.